Photo of Group tour at Cape of Good Hope

STS Tours has been customizing travel packages for groups since its establishment in 1974. As a division of Student Travel Society, STS focuses on the needs of mature travelers. Once in a group setting, travelers are able to enjoy the comfort of traveling to exotic locations with much less risk. With STS, groups will have detailed itineraries with English speaking guides and safe, secure accommodations. Groups of 15 or more can entrust in thorough planning whereby any desired details can and will be provided for (where possible). We pride ourselves in our ability to equip strictly customized tours.

We have provided some sample itineraries of trips from years past. These trips will give you an indication of what to expect and they can also be recreated. If you would like to discuss any other suggestions, please contact us.

We at STS can take you on trips of a lifetime, to destinations around the world. Price is unconditionally guaranteed once a deposit is paid. There will be no extra charges unless a change has been made to the program by group leader or through trip deviations. When you book with STS, there are no surprises - no joining fee and no weekend surcharges.

STS is dually bonded and registered under the Ontario Government Travel Act, No. 2659042. We also offer insurance to the entire group in the case of a medical emergency.

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Holy Cow!

“Holy cow!” I cried, looking out the car window as we drove away from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. My wife Margaret and I were quite taken aback, not expecting this kind of a welcoming party, as their dusky images appeared all of a sudden in our headlights... full story