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Ray Williams and his wife Margaret have been “Touring the world the STS Way” since the late 1980’s. In his retirement, Ray enjoys writing and has chronicled some of his journeys which can be accessed below. These short stories represent our tours from the view of the traveler.

* The stories may not be reproduced without written consent from the author.

In Search of the Promised Land

“Aren’t you guys worried about going to places like Israel and Jordan?” concerned family and friends asked. “They’re always having wars and trouble over there.”“Not really,” my wife Margaret and I replied while packing our bags, “we’re going to look for the Promised Land.”...full story

The Bird Lady of Crete

We only had a few hours in port, and although it wasn’t possible for us to see a great deal of Crete,…the largest Greek island in the Aegean Sea,…we decided seeing as much of the capital Heraklion, would be worth our time....full story

Dimitris - Is That You?

“That can’t be him.” - I said out loud looking over at the three bus drivers chatting away in the parking lot as I walked by. “No, the odds were too great for it to be him, … never in a million years could I be so lucky to run into him again, nah! -- I’d better run on.” I thought...full story

Exotic Asia

“Yoo Hoo” … he cried melodically with a broad smile, greeting us every morning boarding the bus for our day’s exciting activities. That simple cheerful salutation from our diminutive tour guide ‘Setee,’ certainly set the tone in making us feel truly welcomed in far away ...full story

Holy Cow!

“Holy cow!” I cried, looking out the car window as we drove away from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. My wife Margaret and I were quite taken aback, not expecting this kind of a welcoming party, as their dusky images appeared all of a sudden in our headlights...full story


Dawn broke early, banishing night’s darkness with a gentle nudge. Kissed the glistening snow-capped peaks of the majestic Swiss Alps; then beamed her golden smile far and wide to light the morning sky. Our Alitalia jet had just crossed the Italian border where the scenery was so breathtaking...full story

In Quest of Boobies and the Ancient Incas

Picture the continent of South America for a moment, with the ribbon of the Equator wrapped snugly around its shoulder. Then picture the Galapagos Islands and legendary Machu Picchu, as well as the Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca and the Nasca Lines. All these unique ...full story